Disicide Plus+ Spray Machine

Disicide Plus+ Spray Machine

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Spraying principle
Disicide® Plus+ Spray Machine is equipped with a pneumatic pump to produce superheated steam, which has an effective function of converting Disicide® Plus+ into superheated gaseous molecule (140 degrees, 0.26nm in diameter).

Areas of application:
clothes, tables, chairs, decor, home, office, lounge, suntan beds, leather furniture, toilets, showers, bathtub, kitchen refrigerators, freezers, kitchen appliances, ice machines, cutting boards, metal surfaces, marble, glass, working shoes made of different types of leather and fabrics, vehicle interior, ultra-sonic cleaner, etc.

Application method:

  1. Fill container with Disicide® Plus+ Ready to use spray. For Disicide® Plus+ Concentrate: mix 100 ml concentrate to 1000 ml water beforehand.
  2. Pour Disicide® Plus+ into the container, then plug in and turn on the power switch.
  3. Wait for about 40 seconds for the machine to preheat, until the green light comes on and the sprayer begins releasing superheated gaseous molecule.
  4. Rotate the regulator to adjust the spraying intensity from weak (anticlockwise) to strong (clockwise).
  5. Process the surface for at least 10 seconds and leave the surface to air dry.