Gummy professional premium Beard Shampoo 150ml.

Gummy professional premium Beard Shampoo 150ml.

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Gummy Premium Beard & Moustache Series Display – Cheapest Option on ebay.

The set includes the following items :

*3 X Beard oil 50ml (Spray Bottle)

*3 X Beard Shampoo 150ml

*3 X Beard Conditioner 150ml

*3 X Moustache wax ml

*1 X Display Stand

Oil Contains Argan Oil, Almond Oil, JoJoba Oil, Coconut Oil Blend (scented with a touch of bergamont) – with the oil mixed blends this allows the beard to be strengthened & nourished followed by a shine

How to use: apply few drops to a washed dried beard. We do advise to rinse or blow dry.

*Shampoo – The Shampoo is designed especially for the beard. Enriched with vitamins, including vitamin E and herbal extracts which protects the skin and prevents it from dryness. It also softens the beard making grooming easier.

How to use: Apply some shampoo to palm of your hand and then apply to wet beard gently lathering / massaging. Rinse with water.

*Conditioner – This conditioner moisturises, softens and ensures easy combing of the beard.

How to use: Highly recommended to use after shampooing the beard

*Moustache Wax – Gummy Moustache Wax is designed to style and control a moustache. It will help to keep those unrully whiskers out of the mouth and under control.

How to use: Take small amount apply to moustache / beard to give firm style / hold