Proraso White Shaving Towel (Super soft 100% cotton) with logo

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A professional barber, (almost) always starts by placing a hot towel on the areas to be shaved. Why not take this wonderful act home with you to your own bathroom as well?

This shaving towel from Proraso is just made for the purpose.

The towel absorbs a lot of moisture and retains the soothing heat during use.

The heat also opens the pores and softens the stubble, which makes shaving easier.

After shaving, use the soft towel again to wipe the face.

Made of 100% cotton.

Used as follows:
- Before shaving, dip the towel in warm water
- It is placed on the areas to be shaved
After shaving, rinse off the remaining foam with cold water
- Gently rub the skin dry with a new fresh shaving towel.