Topaxx Black Hair Fiber Powder 27,5 gr

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Topaxx Hair Building Fibers 27,5 gr

Topaxx is a natural and reliable product that camouflages sparse hair.
Topaxx is made up of special keratin fibers that make your diluted and shed hair thicken in seconds. 97% of our hair strands are composed of keratin. Topaxx contains organic keratin molecules as microfibers. Topaxx Hair Fibers are very thin, light and micronized in size. Thanks to this technological superiority, the hair does not settle in the bottom of the hair. These fibers, which are loaded with static electricity, act by attaching them tightly to the hair strands (pine tree shape) in the sparse area and repairing them, creating a realistic appearance and fullness.

It does not harm and irritate the scalp and hair strands.

It has been tested dermotologically.

Topaxx Hair Fibers are compatible with the natural colors of the hair.

You can easily choose the color tone you want with different color options.

It is suitable for every hair.