Safety Razors

Are you looking for the perfect set of safety razors in Australia? Then, you have come to the right place. At Shaving Market, you can find an extensive range of razors in Australia at amazing discounted prices. We are your go-to for men's grooming supplies, offering the best shaving experience with a wider range of razors and shaving kits.

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Whether you are looking to buy a new set of safety razors in Australia online or a barber searching for a convenient and hassle-free option to buy all the essential supplies, you'll get the brand and the product you want at a price that's not available elsewhere. With a stock of razors – straight and safety razors, blades, shaving gel, cream, aftershave, safety razor blades, you'll only have to forecast your supplies needs, and we will continuously supply without a hitch. Get them all delivered anywhere in Australia, and the best part yet, you get them all straight from factories, at a much lower price than retail.

At Shaving Market, we have in store the quintessential safety razors with kits and straight razors for the more experienced shavers and those who love to wet shave to get that close, clean look.

Experts advise using single edge blades to avoid cuts, irritation, ingrown hairs and bumps, and safety razors have surged back into popularity. Being a sustainable option, more and more men are opting towards wet shaving to get the best close shave they can, which isn't possible with trimmers and cartridge razors.

At Shaving Market, we endeavour to provide top-shelf products from world-class brands with the convenient and easy buying option.

If you are an individual looking to buy your first sustainable safety razor in Australia, you'll be spoilt for choice from our wide range. We have in stock the following:

  1. Merkur range of safety razors in Australia in chrome (satin and matte), bakelite, and gilded (gold plated handles) with different gripper designs and lengths. A Travelling kit with a leather pouch and shaving brush is also available.
  2. Shaving factory double edge safety razors in beautiful packaging
  3. Parker safety razors in multiple designs
  4. Muhle traditional closed comb safety razor in rose gold finish
  5. The Old School Beginners Shaving Quality Gift Set – an ideal kit to initiate a beginner to wet shaving. Comes with shaving brush, soap, safety double edge razor and soap stick.

If you're like most professional and licensed barbers who swear by their straight razors, then you'll find your choice of straight razors in Australia in our online store. Proven for their ultimate clean and closest shave, straight razors or cut-throats provide flexibility and movement that only an experienced shaver can use with finesse. So buy the ideal cut-throat straight razors in Australia with FREE shipping for over $50.

Premium products at great prices; it doesn't get better than this.