Beginners shaving kits is a collection of wet shaving items that incorporate all the necessary tools required when just starting out in the wet shaving drive. A wet-shaver typically requires more than one item for any shaving session. It is often best to have a shaving brush, a shaving soap or cream, a bowl, a razor as well as blades, depending on the type of razor.When buying your shaving kit in a set from our website, you will pay less overall than if you were to purchase the individual items separately.

For beginners it is advisable to start off with a safety razor and as you get more experienced you may try to use a straight razor or also known as a “Cut throat” razor.  Both have different shaving techniques that you will become familiar with as you shave. When shaving with a safety razor there are several techniques that you can utilize such as With the Grain (WTG), Against the Grain (ATG) and Across the grain (XTG)

Shaving Kits

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