Dovo Böker Manufaktur Graf Engelbert II. Straight Razor 140538

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The Böker Manufaktur Graf Engelbert II 140538 is a top-quality straight razor. It is a part of three straight razors which Böker produced to celebrate the three Count van Berg who all come from the region around Solingen. Take, for instance, Count Engelbert II, archbishop of Cologne. It is also how Böker depicted him on the blade in a 24-carat gold leaf.

The blade of this straight razor is made from 1.2210 carbon steel. Enhanced with an extra-hollow grind and therefore a little flexible. As such the razor moves with the face. However, this also means that for heavy beard growth, this knife isn't as easy to use. It is, however, still possible. The blade height is 7/8", which is relatively high. The tip is straight. The tang in between the blade and the handle is enhanced with grip serrations on both sides to make sure you have more control over the razor.

Böker has been producing straight razors for over a hundred years and has an excellent reputation in this field. This straight razor is made in the Böker workshop in Solingen, Germany.

The handle is made from a stag horn. This is a natural material, making each knife unique.

Solingen 1.2210 carbon steel

Böker used carbon steel for this straight razor. Although the technical number 1.2210 might not mean that much to most, the term Solingen steel has an excellent reputation worldwide. You could even say that a part of Solingen's reputation as a knife city is the result of the excellent steel quality. After sharpening it is razor-sharp which leaves you with even softer and more comfortable results.

Böker made sure that this straight razor is ready to be used as it is delivered to your doorstep. This means that it is razor-sharp: you can immediately get started.



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