Disicide Disinfectant Spray 300 ml | 1000 ml

Disicide Disinfectant Spray 300 ml | 1000 ml

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Environmentally friendly biocidal vegan spray.
  • Environmentally friendly water-based, ethanol-free ready-to-use disinfectant spray for smooth work surfaces, equipment, accessories in Barber, Spa, Tattoo, Pet grooming, Hair & Beauty Salons, Hotels and Fitness centers, nail-bars, hairdressing, beauty and massage rooms, nail bars, tattoo salons, schools, kindergartens
  • Proven effective against bacteria and virus under EU regulations EN 14561, EN 14562 and EN 14476
  • Disinfectant, fungicide and virucide. The ready-to-use solution effectively destroys a wide range of microorganisms and is bactericidal (incl. Staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonads, Enterococcus hirae, mycobacterium tuberculosis, E. coli, etc.) and fungicidal (incl. fungi Candida, Trichophyton, etc.)
  • Works quickly and evaporates without leaving traces on the treated surface or on the metal object
  • Safe for plastic, ceramic, stainless, glass and acrylic surfaces
  • The product is not flammable and has no Hazard class for transportation and is not regarded as dangerous goods

How to use:
Remove visible contamination from surfaces intended for disinfection.
Spray on the affected area at a 20-30 cm distance and ensure that the entire surface is properly damped.
Allow the product to work for at least 3 minutes.
Wipe it with paper, clean cloth or let the surface air dry.

available in 3 sizes, 300 ml trigger, 1000 ml trigger