FATİP PICCOLO Double Edge DE Open Comb Safety Razor - Nickel

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Fatip Piccolo Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor - Chrome


The Fattip Piccolo Safety Razor is a beautifully finished 3 piece razor, which features piped detailing running down the length of the handle to the base. Although a more compact razor than the grande it is actually a heavier weight razor with the weight still evenly distributed along its length, achieving a well balanced easy to use razor. The open comb head ensures that the razor will work well with differing lengths of beard growth. Finished in Polished Chrome. A fabulous looking razor and a popular favourite amongst shaving aficionados...

How to Use

The Razor head is released by unscrewing the handle and lifting the cover clear to insert the blade. Slot the head cover back in place, screw and tighten the handle and you're ready to go - Simple!

Recommended for

All types of skin and especially those looking for a very close shave.

Grooming Tip

Always use pre-shave cream and liberally apply shaving lather to ensure a close smooth shave.

Weight: 70g



Overall Length



Handle Length



Head Width