Parker 22R Gunmetal Design Double Edge Razor

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The Parker 22R continues in the tradition of excellence with a solid brass frame, butterfly open mechanism, and Parker's world famous smooth shaving head design.The Parker 22R is noted for being a heavy razor, which makes cutting through the toughest of beards easy...resulting in a smooth and comfortable shave.

Changing blades is simple and effortless - simply twist the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly doors and drop in a new blade.

The Parker 22R has been designed with features to ensure a quality shaving experience.

  • A textured handle for a sure grip - even with wet and slippery hands
  • Solid brass frame, designed to provide years of trouble free shaving
  • Advanced plating process - ensures a beautiful and durable finish to each razor
  • Every Parker Safety Razor is assembled by hand, resulting in the highest quality product for you.

Slant bar razors, with their distinctive twisted heads, add a torque to the razor blade, with two effects: it increases the cutting surface on each hair, and provides extra stiffness to the blade. The result is a more effective cutting edge that makes light work of thick stubble.

The Parker Semi-Slant is unique, with a less pronounced slant that achieves a comfortable balance between slant razors and more traditional straight bar designs. This means a smooth, mild shave for all hair types.