Over four decades ago Wahl Clipper Company produced the very first rechargeable cordless clipper. That thing must have been very heavy (with a super short battery life), but Wahl got it right with the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper.


The Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper itself looks much like any corded clipper, but this one you can unplug. The clipper itself is very lightweight -- which can be hard to get used to at first.

It felt a bit like a toy, but the performance speaks for itself. The clipper is very comfortable in the hand and has a great lightweight design (perfect for flattop or buzz-cuts where you are holding the clipper high for a longer period of time). The unit also includes a taper lever which is essential in producing a flawless taper. The switch feels solid and the cord attaches and detaches easily. It would be nice to see Wahl produce a charging base for this clipper, but that's a minor complaint. The clipper comes with a default silver insert, which can be changed out to one of four different colors if you want to personalize the unit a bit.


Here is where the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper is really impressive. Wahl claims the clipper has a 75+ minute runtime and that is true. I've been able to get through as many as 15 haircuts on a single charge. That's very impressive. Another good thing is that the clipper does not really lose power, rather it seems to simply shut itself off if the battery gets low.

The clipper has plenty of power to handle most any situation. It doesn't perform quite as well with extremely thick hair. The battery is a lithium-ion battery and the clipper is a rotary motor clipper. The clipper can also be used while plugged in (a nice advantage you wouldn't get with a charging base).

I've been using the unit for a few weeks and have not had a day where it didn't last me through the entire day (I normally cut 15 - 20 heads per day).


The clipper comes with 8 attachment combs, a recharge cord, three color inserts, oil, a cleaning brush, and a blade guard. The only real negative about this clipper is the attachment combs. Wahl guide combs always feel cheap. They should offer a stainless steel guide comb (as they do for their 5 in 1 clippers). Toss the guide combs that come with the clipper in the trash and use something like the Oster Universal Combs instead (Speed-O-Guides, sadly, do not fit this clipper).

The Bottom Line

While I didn't expect to like this clipper, I have come to rely on it as my primary clipper. It's lightweight, performs well, and holds a charge. Solid design and good performance are important and this clipper delivers those exceptionally well. At about $115 bucks, the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper is reasonably priced as well. This clipper is for anyone (whether you are a professional barber or just someone giving buzz-cuts at home) who wants a great cordless clipper that can stand up to professional standards.

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