OSMA -Tradition After Shaving Balm 50mL

OSMA -Tradition After Shaving Balm 50mL

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OSMA -Tradition After Shaving Balm 50mL

Firm, dry skin, scratches.... Shaving is a real skin aggression. Balms, lotions, Alaunsteine, here are our solutions, to obtain a soft and healthy skin that is well moistened. 

Thanks to the natural origin of the active ingredients (Allantoin, Téflose®), our body moisturizer helps the razor burn. Alcohol-free and with 97.5% produced natural ingredients, is our after shave lotion for all skin types.

Osma laboratories

Osma laboratories are one of the actors of cosmetics for men since 1957.

The recent focus on the attractiveness of men for cosmetics lets not forget that they can care for a long time around her body. The almost daily visit to the hairdresser, the baths, the care of hands were an integral part of the daily life of the men of all time.

It is around the shaving, a gesture passed from father to son, that Laboratoires Osma could go a special bond through the years to their customers.

With this confidence, we defend our craftsmanship, to bring the best out of our products every day.