The Shave Factory Keratin Fiber and Spray Applicator Kit

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The Shave Factory Hair Building Fiber

​Hair Building Fiber is a cosmetic hair thickener with keratin proteins that makes your hair thicker and fuller.

Available in Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown 
21 gram

It helps your hair to gain natural and full appearance by instantly providing volume to thinning hair fibers. By holding on to the hair by means of the fixing spray, it is resistant against sweat and wind. It is rinsed off by washing the hair.  

How to use: apply by pouring the product to the area where you want to establish fullness in your hair. Fix it by spraying sufficient amount of hair fixation spray. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Note down which color Keratin Fiber you prefer to the order, as only one selected product will be sent with the spray applicator kit